28 Aug 2013



Mortgage Insurance for Flood-Impacted Homebuyers

CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) continues to provide mortgage insurance to Albertans, but what’s changed if you live and/or lived in a flood-affected area? CMHC has released a statement that clears up some of these questions, but here’s the basics you need to know: Applications for properties affected by floods will be considered, provided information is disclosed about any damages, and the lender confirms that remedial action has been taken to address flood-related issues. No new policies have been introduced by CMHC for underwriting mortgage applications for flood areas. Now let’s get the next part right from their own words so you know exactly…

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21 Aug 2013

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Budgeting for Homeownership

Making the transition from renter to homeowner is a big decision, and while it can sometimes be a…

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14 Aug 2013

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Avoiding Mortgage Penalties

Rising interest rates are imminent, so many are rushing to lock down their current low rates (which is…

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8 Aug 2013

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With the rental market tightening, now...

With the rental market in Calgary tightening and costs going up, it could be good news for home…

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