27 Nov 2013



CAAMP Mortgage Forum Tweets

The largest mortgage industry conference in Canada just wrapped up—CAAMP Mortgage Forum in Toronto. A lot of us didn’t attend and were following the progress of the conference online, and thanks to Twitter, I can share some of the highlights from the event. “76% Canadians are confident taking on the size of their mortgage” – @CAAMPACCHA “Younger homeowners are more emotional than older demographics. Feeling more confident and secure.” – @davieskyle “71% of Canadians think real estate will remain stable or grow over next 5 years.” – @davieskyle “84% of Canadians see real estate as a good long term investment.” – @CAAMPACCHA @davieskyle “It changes…

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20 Nov 2013

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State of the Residential Mortgage Market

Earlier this week, CAAMP (Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals) released thier annual State of the Residential Mortgage…

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6 Nov 2013

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Financial Literacy Month: Understanding...

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada, so all month long my blog will be featuring tips and…

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13 Nov 2013

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Get Literate About Home Insurance

Since November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada, it’s a great opportunity to understand a bit more about…

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