6 Feb 2014



Fixed Mortgages: Your Rights &...

One of the best ways to avoid mortgage fraud (or any type of fraud), is to ensure you do your due diligence when applying for a mortgage. Being smart about mortgage shopping is as simple as reading through your mortgage documents carefully before you sign them, and being cognisant of what information should be provided to you (as per the law). The following information must be provided to you in your mortgage agreement: The principal amount (amount you are borrowing) The annual interest rate The annual percentage rate (APR) The mortgage term (period of your mortgage) The date of advance (date which you’ll start being…

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26 Feb 2014

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Tackling debt? Start small

Debt. That word has such a negative connotation to it, and most people probably just feel overwhelmed by…

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19 Feb 2014

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5 (Surprising) Ways to Improve Your...

Looking to get your credit in shape before the spring market hits? Here’s some (surprising) ways to imrove…

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12 Feb 2014

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Federal Budget: How it Affects Mortgages

The federal budget was released yesterday, and it brings with it some changes to the mortgage industry. Here’s…

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