28 May 2014



“Y” Isn’t Gen Y Saving?

This week the Globe and Mail launched a special series on ‘Gen Y Money’, and the trends that Generation Y is facing with their finances. Generation Y, also known as millennials, are those aged 15-33, and those who took part in this survey and special series were questioned on their financial reality. There were three major trends that stood out about the reality of Generation Y’s saving (or lack thereof): 75% of those aged 25-29 are yet to start working in their career Over 60% of those aged 25-33 are not yet saving for a home 25% of those aged 30-33 are looking for downpayment…

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21 May 2014

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Report: Calgary’s housing market...

A new report released by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, shows that Alberta’s hsouing market is not only…

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14 May 2014

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The 5 Cs of mortgage borrowing

When it comes to approving you for a mortgage, your lender will look at many elements of you…

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7 May 2014

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How to Handle Your Credit With Care

Your credit is a very powerful tool for your financial future, and it’s especially important when it comes…

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