27 May 2015



Understanding Mortgage Penalties

For some people, getting out of a mortgage early is a realistic option, especially if they are doing so to lock down low interest rates. It’s definitely a good idea to lock down a low rate, so if you are looking at facing mortgage penalties to do so, you can do a lot to limit those penalties or avoid them all together. Common practice has banks comparing your interest rate to their current interest rate for the term closest to the amount of time left on your mortgage. Since there‚Äôs no rule about which rate to use, they can use any rate they want. With…

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20 May 2015

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It’s cheaper to buy than rent,...

A new report released today shows that Canada’s rental market is worse than we thought, and it’s becoming…

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13 May 2015

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Debt burdened? How to better handle...

Stories about Canadians’ household debt are making headlines this week, and whether or not the hype is true,…

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6 May 2015

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New study shows millennials do their...

A new study conducted by Genworth Financial, shows that millennial homebuyers are well-educated, financially literate and doing their…

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