24 Jun 2015



How can you prevent identity or credit theft?

You’ve probably heard a lot of tips on credit fraud, but are you paying attention to the risk of identity fraud? This past week a big story broke in Calgary after 38 gas stations were hit with credit card skimming devices, affecting the credit of 3,000 Calgarians. Credit card scams can lead to big headaches, including identity theft. Here’s what the Calgary Police say about preventing your risk of being hit with a card skimmer: She urged Calgarians to check their credit card statements for any abnormal charges, as well as to check pay-at-the-pump credit card readers to see if skimmers have been attached to…

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17 Jun 2015

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What housing slump? Majority of...

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) recently released their spring market survey, which provides a lot…

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3 Jun 2015

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Breaking Down Home Insurance

According to Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), half of Canadians want to better understand home insurance. Further to…

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