26 Aug 2015



Canadians are getting better at handling their...

A report by TransUnion released this week, shows that Canadians are getting better at paying down their debts on time. The numbers show that a shrinking number of debt payments are overdue by 90 days or more; overall delinquency rates are at 2.58% (for non-mortgage debts), which is down from 2.69% last year. However, the amount of debt Canadians hold is up, but just slightly. Average consumer debt rose just $148 on average from last year, sitting at about $21,028. Lines of credit, including credit cards and car loans, accounting for 35% of all non-mortgage consumer debt. Experts say this new data proves that Canadians…

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19 Aug 2015

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How to spot mortgage industry fraud red...

A lot of fraud and scams have had a presence in our city and the media lately, so…

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12 Aug 2015

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Do you know how to avoid mortgage...

For some people, getting out of a mortgage early is a realistic option, especially if they are doing…

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5 Aug 2015

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Mortgage Fraud is Down in Canada

Genworth Canada reported this week that cases of mortgage fraud are down in Canada, thanks largely in part…

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