28 Jan 2016



Honesty is the best policy when you’re...

It’s no secret that Calgary’s economy isn’t at its best right now, and CMHC reported yesterday that Calgary’s housing market is sitting “imbalanced”. While the downturn has been beneficial for some, like those wanting to purchase real estate this year, a lack of income can be hard for others to cope with. “Low oil prices are impacting Alberta and Saskatchewan, weakening demographic and economic fundamentals such as migration, employment and income, which are in turn affecting housing markets,” CMHC said. [Financial Post] Financial difficulty, whether short-term or long-term, can happen to anyone at any time. Your home is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll…

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21 Jan 2016

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Shopping for a mortgage? Ask these...

At last week’s CREB Forecast, a look forward at Calgary’s real estate market was unveiled, and between all…

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13 Jan 2016

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Recap: CREB 2016 Forecast

Today CREB (Calgary Real Estate Board) held their annual forecast of the real estate market in Calgary. If…

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6 Jan 2016

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Trying to save money? Don’t be...

A lot of people are being tight with their money right now, saving in the wake of uncertainty…

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