2 Mar 2016



Fraud Prevention Month: Protecting Against...

It’s Fraud Prevention Month, and it’s the perfect time to get educated on what mortgage fraud is, and how to protect yourself from it. Mortgage fraud is unfortunately an industry-wide problem and more common than you probably think (especially now). How do you identify mortgage fraud? Mortgage fraud is misrepresentation of information to help you obtain a mortgage, including: Inflating your income or misrepresenting your job Misrepresenting your income (stating you’re salaried, when you are contract, etc.) Not disclosing current debts and/or mortgage loans Inflating property value How can you protect yourself against mortgage fraud? Don’t sign a document that has any blanks in it,…

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23 Mar 2016

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The Gaps in Financial Literacy in Canada

A study released by Statistics Canada, illustrates the gap in financial literacy that lies within Canada, among a…

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16 Mar 2016

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Mortgage Payments Getting Tight?...

It’s no secret that Calgary’s economy hasn’t been so kind to many, with layoffs and unemployment a continuing…

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9 Mar 2016

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Fraud Prevention Month: Protecting...

Internet and social media scams are on the rise in Canada, and since it’s Fraud Prevention Month, it’s…

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