28 Sep 2016



60% of Albertans are living...

Earlier today, results from a Consumer Debt Survey hit the media, outlining the fact that 58 per cent of Albertans are living paycheque-to-paycheque. More specifically, they are living with $200 a month of not being able to pay bills at all. Alberta’s debt continues to be the highest in the country, which is no surprise considering the economic climate in our province. The survey also found 53 per cent are concerned about their current debt levels, up 11 points since February; 35 per cent said they don’t make enough to cover their bills and debt payments, up 14 points; and nearly 40 per cent said…

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21 Sep 2016

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Oil and Housing in Alberta: the Latest...

With the sharp decline in oil recently, province across Canada are having a varied response in terms of…

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14 Sep 2016

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Renew or rethink?

Millions of Canadians have mortgages (approximately 5.7-million), so you could be one of the many who will be…

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8 Sep 2016

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The top 7 things to teach your kids...

Since September signals back to school, it’s time to focus on education, at home and at school. This…

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