22 Feb 2017



Watch Out for Tax Scams this Season

As we head into tax season in Canada (due April 30, 2017), CRA and police are warning Canadians about tax scams that are stealing millions of dollars from innocent people across the country. What’s on the rise this year, is tax email scams: So-called CRA scams began popping up in 2013 and have become a popular tool for defrauding people by phone or email, according to the RCMP. The scam phone calls that take place are quite similar to the email scams. Someone claiming to be from the CRA calls and, in a conversation that starts out calmly enough, tells the victim that they have made an error on their…

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16 Feb 2017

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Tips for Unmarried Couples Buying Real...

According to a new report from Genworth Canada, more unmarried couples are choosing to buy a home together,…

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8 Feb 2017

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Can you qualify for a mortgage if...

It’s a common misconception we hear about a lot in the mortgage industry—you can’t get a mortgage if…

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1 Feb 2017

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Is Calgary Canada’s Affordability...

A recent Globe and Mail story is putting the attention on Calgary in a positive way, focusing on…

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