19 Apr 2017



What we should teach our kids about money

Today is ‘Talk With Our Kids About Money Day’, and this should serve as a great reminder of how important it is for our children to learn about money and finances at a young age. Noor Rashid might be at least four years away from getting a driver’s licence, but she is already running the numbers in her head for future car purchases. “You have to figure out the gas prices, maintenance, the insurance – and all the factors that come into account,” Noor said on Tuesday after she and Annika Sharma, a fellow Grade 7 student at Hilltop Middle School, took first place in…

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12 Apr 2017

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Last-Minute Tax Filing Tips

Tax deadline is looming, and if you’re still panicked about getting your tax return in before the April…

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6 Apr 2017

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The downside of paying mortgages early

There are many reasons why someone may want to pay off a mortgage early, for some people the…

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