25 May 2017



Where to invest in Calgary real estate this year

Buying a home is a big investment, but how can you ensure that you are making a smart investment in the first place? Whether it’s your primary residence, or a property you’re looking to make money off of, you want to be well-informed on your decision before putting money down. Money Sense recently released their “Where to buy real estate 2017” guide, which outlines the best communities for investment, across Canada. The standard quip when it comes to buying real estate is it’s all about three things: Location, location and location. Few would argue that’s totally wrong, but clearly there’s more to it. If you want…

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18 May 2017

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Canadian Seniors are Struggling with...

A new report released today, shows that non-mortgage debt among Canadian seniors is growing. According to Equifax, non-mortgage…

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10 May 2017

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A Snapshot of First-Time Home Buyers

  Genworth Canada recently polled over 1,800 first-time homebuyers in Canada in their ‘2017 Homeownership Study’, to get a feel…

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5 May 2017

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One year later: how the wildfires are...

Albertans are currently reflecting on the wildfires that plagued so many people one year ago in our province.…

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