16 Aug 2017



Why you should always research financial products

Most Canadians would confidently state that they compare pricing when shopping for a flight or a hotel, but a new survey shows that many Canadians won’t do the same when it comes to financial products. This is really troubling, when you consider that this accounts for things like mortgages, credit cards and insurance products. This lack of due diligence is also costing Canadians a lot of money. “The massive gulf between Canadians who compare travel options and financial products is disappointing. Because the latter is where you save real money,” says Justin Thouin, our CEO and co-founder. This is a big gap compared to the…

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9 Aug 2017

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Don’t let back-to-school shopping...

A startling new survey reveals that back-to-school shopping is putting a serious strain on Canadian families, and you…

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