26 Apr 2018



Millennials, saving and the 5 Cs of mortgage...

According to a new poll released by CIBC, most Canadian millennials haven’t even started to save for a home. The vast majority of respondents of the survey released Thursday (94 per cent) who rent or live with family said they plan to buy a home, but 67 per cent of them haven’t started saving yet. [BNN] Perhaps a better understanding of how the process of applying for a mortgage works, will help millennials understand how to get prepared for getting into homeownership. When it comes to approving you for a mortgage, your lender will look at many elements of you and your application before deciding…

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19 Apr 2018

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Where to invest in real estate in 2018

Buying a home is a big investment, but how can you ensure that you are making a smart…

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4 Apr 2018

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If you still need to file your taxes...

April is a busy month as Canadians rush to file their taxes by the April 30th deadline. If…

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