25 Jul 2018



How to save money at music festivals

If you’re familiar with Canadian summers, then you know that the true heat comes in July and August. This is when all the camping trips, lake days and, of course, music festivals are planned since we can normally guarantee there will be no snow. Festivals bring thousands of people together for days of live music, fun costumes and good, greasy food. In the next few months, Calgary will welcome a multitude of electronic, country and ethnic festivals but perhaps most notably, we will host the annual folk music festival. Calgary Folk Fest is a four-day music festival that brings with it extremely talented artists in…

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20 Jul 2018

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Why you should budget for charity

If you’re a budget person, you’ve probably heard of the 50/30/20 rule. This simple budgeting technique suggests that…

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13 Jul 2018

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It’s a Buyer’s Market in...

We all know the economy in Calgary struggled for the last few years and we saw a downturn…

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