Mortgage Renewal

Your mortgage is coming up for renewal. Perhaps you want an early renewal to better suit your financial situation? Or maybe your current lender has sent you a notice of renewal, and you notice the interest rate offered is substantially higher than other rates being offer today. What do you do?

Well, the easy way out would be to simply sign the renewal and send it back. Done. Or, you can call and I’ll show you a mortgage strategy that will leave more money in your pocket and pay down your mortgage faster. Why give your business to a lender who’s more interested in playing games?

You may say to yourself, “Oh I don’t want to have to re-qualify again, what a pain….”…is it? For the 45 minutes out of your life that it will take to gather your employment verification, and your existing mortgage statement, it is WELL worth it!

Let me ask you this, when was the last time your current lender called to save you money?

Give me a call at 403.242.5547. I look forard to working with you.


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