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As your mortgage brokers, our role is to represent you in the mortgage market and help you navigate the process of financing your property purchase.

There’s a twofold advantage in working with Canada Mortgage Direct: we can obtain wholesale mortgage rates and offer you personalized service at the same time.

The key word in working with our mortgage professionals? Professional! We will get your mortgage approved in a quick and efficient fashion, which will eliminate hassle and paperwork for you. And after possession, all of our valued clients are added to our proactive mortgage management system where we help to provide additional savings.

We represent you, not the lender.

There are many reasons you may be looking for guidance in the mortgage market, and we work with all kinds of people in all situations. Are you a first-time homebuyer, experienced purchases, new to Canada, relocating or purchasing recreation or investment property? We will provide you with the financial expertise and assistance to help you add to (or start) your real estate portfolio.

Our brokers can also assist you in refinancing your existing home (for debt consolidation or renovations), or to tap into equity from your home for credit help.

And we specialize in assisting those clients who are self-employed in realizing their homeownership dreams. Entrepreneurs and business owners, take comfort in knowing our products are designed exclusively for self-employed people who don’t show verifiable income to qualify for mortgages.


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