31 May 2018



Short on money? Check these culprits

When the weather is nice, patios and vacation time can be tempting. If you find yourself struggling to scrounge together some money for summertime fun, you may want to look into these common culprits of savings.

  • Coffees: I don’t think it’s any secret we’re all keeping companies like Starbucks in (hefty) business, with our caffeine addictions. But if you don’t want to brew your own coffee at home or the office, at least opt for plain coffee at the cafe. You’d be amazed at how much you save just by opting out of those $5 – $6 drinks every day.
  • Eating Out: many of us can relate to this one, how often do you really bring your own lunch? Many Calgarians choose to eat lunch out almost every day, whether it be with colleagues or clients. If you can’t completely cut this out, at least cut it down. If you think on average you spend between $20 – $30 on a meal out… well, you do the math.
  • Brand Name Groceries: we are victims of good marketing, but brand name groceries don’t necessarily equal better quality food. Opt for the no name option and see how quickly you can save money.
  • Running Appliances Daily: this one is especially important if you live alone, but avoid running your washer, dryer and dishwasher every day. Try to pick one day for laundry and do bigger loads rather than several smaller ones. Same thing goes with your dishes (save even more by washing by hand).
  • Online Shopping: the Internet has not made it easy for those with shopping addictions. You don’t even have to leave your desks nowadays to rack up a big tab on things you likely don’t need. If you don’t truly need it, reconsider buying it at all.

Do you know where your biggest spending habits are? Weigh in on social media.

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