27 Aug 2014



Adopt your mortgage? You heard right

The average consumer goes into a fixed-term mortgage thinking they will “set it and forget it”, but the market is always moving. One of the biggest misconceptions mortgage consumers have is that if they are locked in, they don’t have to worry until maturity. Worse yet, some consuers may choose to take an adjustable mortgage option and follow the market with no idea as to what indicators they should be watching. As consumers, we all mean well, but sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know (which is fair). In other situations, we may be steered in the wrong direction, which is where I…

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20 Aug 2014

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Most Canadian Renters Want to Buy a Home

According to a study released this week by Altus Group Canada, 80% of Canadian renters under 50 would…

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14 Aug 2014

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Lying On Your Mortgage Application is...

According to Equifax Canada, one in ten Canadians admit it’s okay to inflate their annual income on a…

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6 Aug 2014

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When Thriftiness Can Hurt Your Credit

If you’re planning for a big purchase, like a home, you’re likely paying extra careful to your spending…

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